Hi, I'm Daddie0

Hi, I'm Daddie0! An 18-year-old Systems Engineer from Norway

Hi, I'm Daddie0
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Hello World! 👋 as you've guessed by now I'm Daddie0 also known as [REDACTED]

At the time of writing, I'm an 18-year-old Junior Systems Engineer

(although in my opinion, that job title does not fit what I actually do)

In reality, I actually work with software such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Bash, with a spice of PHP every now and then.

Early life

I started "coding" around 10 years ago now. When I was 9, although I wouldn't really call that coding. It was through school for this CODI Cup? (I really don't remember the name of that software). Anyways, I entered that competition through my school and actually made it to the finals two years in a row! Both times I got flown out to Bergen and enjoyed a swell time looking at how inexperienced I was compared to the other kids that were a few years older than me.

From there on out, I dropped coding for a few years until it popped back up at the end of elementary school through a research project with NTNU where I was a subject. There I made a game using scratch in the course of a day which re-ignited my love for coding. I really got into the idea of "hacking" things, people, or anything.

It started out with me opening the command prompt on the school computers with the command shutdown /i which caused absolute mayhem. Every single computer connected to the school network shut down because of me. Which was really really really really cool, terrifying, and exhilarating. While the consequences for that were less than "optimal" I'd say it was worth it for the experience. Honestly, I believe this is where I knew I wanted to work with computers.

My first actual project 🥳

After that, I started programming with Python 5 years ago making a program to help me automate some stuff with a mobile game I was playing. The core concept was that a user would submit data on an IP through Google Forms, and from there it would grab that data from the Google Form and use your current rank, etc... it would calculate the optimal "hack" for you to take. The mobile game has since been deleted from Google Play and the IOS App store but from what can see the developer still makes some stuff on Google Play

My second big project 😔 (regret)

My next major project is one that I'm not that proud of. While the skills I learned there were invaluable, I do regret unleashing it into the wild not thinking of the consequences. The project was called DiscoRape

(in Norwegian this means Disco Burp kind of like Burp Suite I didn't think of the other meaning while naming it. It was eventually renamed to DiscoBape after I realized my mistake)

Summary of  the project

Anyways, this project was originally supposed to be a fork of another project made by EC-discord but me being new and naive to how Git and GitHub worked I managed to accidentally create a new project and went with it. The project itself was just supposed to be a nifty little self-bot for Discord which just had some cool and funny commands. And it did have that at the beginning of its life but it quickly descended into madness. Since the bot was public people were using it and requesting features. Before I knew it I had 70+ commands functioning with 50'000+ downloads (that I am aware of) and 300+ forks (which I am aware of) this thing spread like wildfire. I really wish it didn't because now I cannot remove it from the internet, there will always be a copy of it on sites which I do not control. Including forums dedicated to selling hacked accounts, hacking and similar


So you may be asking "what was so wrong with that bot?" well I'm glad you didn't ask. The bot has some questionable features, it all started with me wanting to test the waters of what was possible. At first, I added IP lookups, nothing bad with that in my opinion but could definitely be used to scare some people. Then I wanted to see if I could look up card numbers to find out which bank they're from.

Discord Nitro and "Nukes"

After those two I felt like I could do anything so I wanted to see if I could take on Discord themselves, it started with me wanting to "steal" nitro codes that were posted. While I never actually used this because it felt wrong I still made it and it worked. It worked a little too well. Before I knew it the people that were using it had 10+ months of nitro for free. After that I wanted to see if I could actually have some malicious intent with my code so I made a "nuking" module which would destroy a server the command is run in. It first banned all the members silently actively avoiding bot accounts and going for "non important" ones first before it moved up the hiarchy. After that it deletes all the roles it can and moves on to deleting all of the channels before creating a bunch of new channels. giving credit to DiscoBape for doing it. as with the other modules I made I never used this myself but I know and have seen a few people that have done so

Notice me Senpai!

It's around this time Discord finally noticed me and banned my account which I made in 2016 (still upset about that one but I fully understand why)  

From then until the end of life for DiscoBape they banned me 11 more times. (Really I should've taken the hint).  There are some other reasons of me getting banned than just DiscoBape but all of those are still related to me "abusing" the Discord API

Attempting to redeem myself

After I made the nuking commands I did feel bad though so I made a module to back up servers with roles and channels so that you could restore it, I also made a module that would back up your friends list so that if you're banned it would simply restore it on the new account. After this was made there's really no major updates to the project except maintaining it slightly

In hindsight

In hindsight I regret making this project. While it was fun to make and definetly gave me lots of experiences and friends from a life time. I shouldn't have made it public. Releasing something of this "power" into the wild for unhinged people, scammers, "hackers", groomers and straight up assholes was something I never intended. All I wanted to do was test the limits and show it to likeminded people who wanted to learn.

My third big project (great success!)

Borat Saying great success!

This project is one I'm actually working on now at the company I work at. I can't detail too much on the project because of NDAs but what I can say is that it's fun as hell. What I'm working on is Dockerizing an application for usages in Kubernetes for scalabilty and Docker for ease of use. Sadly that's all I can disclose at this time and date until the product becomes available to purchase for the public :(